When placed in the footer of any website, the text below is your guarantee of a fully-tested, original Optik Web Creative design.

Our Website was designed and built by Optik Web Creative.

Every site that carries this mark will be:-

  • The outcome of a collaborative design process with our client, to ensure best compatibility with their existing and planned branding.
  • Thoroughly tested on a wide range of browsers, operating systems and devices - including tablets, smartphones and conventional desktop machines - to ensure that visitors get the best possible experience of the site, wherever and however they choose to access it
  • Be fully supported by a ticketed issue reporting system

We will style this text to match the colour scheme of your website. 

We are fiercely proud of our commitment to quality, affordable web design and only sites that have passed our stringent quality control will go live and feature this mark.

We only chose a small selection of our portfolio to show in each section of our website, for more sites and references please contact us.